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Yes, it’s true. There are people – incalculable numbers of real people – who have genuinely changed their lives for the better by taking advantage of tested and proven home-based business opportunities that have taken them beyond their wildest dreams.

People like:
Leanne B.

I was a franchisee within the Online Marketing Industry for 10 years. After staff wages, rent and staying up with the continual develops of that industry my personal profits at the end of the year was a little over $30,000. I was working full time around the clock, carrying all the responsibility and my staff were better paid than I was! I woke up one day and realised i had bought myself a job!

I went in search for another business to sink my teeth into and saw a unique opportunity with A-Franchise-Solution. I moved forward on a very part time basis and soon my "Part Time Business" was producing more than my franchise. My best month with A-Franchise-Solution has been $49,000USD. This is more than I was making in an entire year with my traditional business. Needless to say i sold the franchise and now run this business as my sole income. I love it!
Kevin & Kirsty M..

We found A-Franchise-Solution after initially using their Leadership Development program. At this time we were franchisees for a Tele Communications Company. It was incredibly stressful worrying about staff wages, product overhead (an average of $150k each month), product failures and supplier price hikes, as well as rental increases and reduced commissions. We also found the restrictions of a small territory inhibit our ability to expand our franchise to any great capacity.

We had such great results with the product offered by A-Franchise-Solution that we thought there may be a way for us to start another business on the side and relieve some of the pressures. This decision has now resulted in us closing the door on our traditional franchise. All the stress is a thing of the past and the income we have been able to earn with A-Franchise-Solution is much more profitable. We said goodbye to franchise fees, area restrictions and staff wages. We said hello to tapping into a global economy and real gross profit margins of up to 80%. We didn’t have to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars like we did with our traditional franchise and the income has far exceed our initial expectations.
Michael B.

I was a former CEO of a company, I was making the money, but due to the pressures of the job I was rarely home to enjoy family time. I missed my wife and realised that something had to change. I found A-Franchise-Solution after much searching, I even started a couple of other businesses without success. When I first moved forward with A-Franchise-Solution my experience told me that I’d found a place to call home and within a short space of time I was able to replace my executive level income. I now work this business "part time" from my home with my wife. Life is wonderful!
Belinda B.

I found A-Franchise-Solution after seeing it advertised on the TV. I saw the ad a few times before I decided to make an enquiry. I’d never been in business before so I was nervous about taking the initial step. I’d spent the previous six years at home looking after my 3 children and I couldn’t even send an email, so I’d wondered if I’d have what it takes to start a business. I learned that everything was set up and I just had to follow the recipe. I was given full training and support from my very first day in business and after following all the instructions I went on to make $20,000 US in my fourth month in business. I’m so glad that I had the courage to make an enquiry, my life is completely different now!
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